Halal Holidays cheap Packages from UK

Muslim holidays:

Halal tourism is increasing in the travel industry today. This has shown considerable growth in recent years. Today, Muslim tourism worldwide totals $ 156 billion and will grow to $ 220 in 2020. Hotels and restaurants are introducing changes to suit their Muslim customers. This is exciting news for all devout Muslims. You can plan your halal vacation in the most tempting destinations in the world.

Sabeel Travels offers several worldwide Muslim vacation packages to enjoy your vacation. Our package ensures a fully Muslim-friendly environment. They guarantee halal food, drinks, prayer facilities, water-friendly toilets, and washing facilities. We have a large selection of Muslim vacation packages that are relatively inexpensive with other agencies.

Special Halal Hotels & Restaurants:

We trade on an extensive list of international halal hotels and restaurants during Muslim holidays and also on weekdays. Most of them are special facilities for welcoming Muslim tourists. Others offer a Muslim-friendly environment with the most halal facilities. You can enjoy your halal holiday without sacrificing your Islamic beliefs and traditions. To ensure gender privacy in particular, our partner hotels offer facilities only for women. They have elevators, a fitness center, and hiking and sports fields. There are separate swimming pools and health facilities for men and women. Tourists adhere to the no-photo policy to reduce the risk of unwanted images.

Halal-friendly services and facilities:

When you feel at home, enjoy more of your halal vacation. Sabeel Travels offers you the best comfort and convenience in a holiday trip. Our tour packages ensure halal needs; Food, leisure, no alcohol. Hotel rooms show the Qibla direction, payers’ time and a copy of the Koran. They also have a family-friendly TV and soft drinks in the fridge.

Health and safety are the main concern of every traveler. Sabeel Travels realizes the important needs of its customers. We offer you secure shuttle traffic from the airport to your Halal hotel and resort. In case of health emergencies, our tour packages offer the best health facilities. We refer you to clinics and hospitals where doctors treat patients by sex.

Halal food and drinks:

Halal food is the main requirement for every devout Muslim. Our partner hotel ensures that it offers a variety of food and drinks. Food only contains halal encounters according to Islamic Sharia law. Food is free from alcohol or pork products and substances that are prohibited by Islam. You can safely enjoy a variety of foods and drinks.

Special budget tour package:

Sabeel Travels Ltd regards its customers as valuable assets. We promise you the best luxury relaxation for your budget. We offer cheap rates to popular tourist destinations. Our services include hotel bookings, airport pick-ups and resorts. Our main goal is to maximize the pleasure of your pleasant trip. During Muslim holidays, people think that the price of packages has increased. Web content is free, but we offer packages that are relatively inexpensive during Muslim holidays.

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