The 5 things they don’t tell you about the Mt. Batur sunrise hike

For hikes that are as popular as Balinese tourists like the sun on the first day on the island, you have in mind how little is known about climbing mountains. Shelf. While most people probably know it’s a volcano and you can see the sun rise, there are more stories. Some of them should really make sense, but it seems that your brain goes on vacation when people go on vacation.

Here are five things you should know if you want to lean on the tourist business and climb Batur.

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Why are you wearing these shorts?
At sunrise rise, you should wake up around 2 am when the sun is not shining. AKA, it’s cold outside. Come on, you should know that it gets a little cooler with height. Wearing tight shorts with your buttocks hanging in them and the tops of the plants exposing the stomach is a death sentence for goosebumps. Hey man, you also have to cover up, these hairy legs are not warm enough. But we understand, you all want to look super cute in your Instagram pictures. But the clothes where you freeze your prey aren’t worth it. Trust us when we tell you to cover it with tanks under long arms and sweaters.

Do you see the light? Bring light!
It’s funny that people need to be reminded that it’s dark before sunrise (it’s called sunrise for a reason). You still can’t really rely on the moonlight to light the sky, or the street lights to light the path. While part of the road to Mount Batur is paved, it’s a volcano, so it’s not very developed! Most guides forget to mention it, but you definitely need to use a flashlight.

That’s when you want to see where and what you’re climbing. Bring light!

In front of the sun
You see, you do not see the light until the sun shines! Photo: baliving.

Lost in a crowd
Given the number of people walking up the mountain. Batur, you think there is a pilgrimage to Mecca or something. The trail is flooded with people, especially in the holiday season. If you are eager to escape from the bustling tourist city, we are very sorry to ruin this temporary moment of happiness. Climbing Batur can be from bumper to bumper. For beginners who know that hiking is about rhythm and swing, this is quite frustrating. However, this did not happen because the ants marched up the mountain one after another.

Many people acting together
Wait 20 minutes to take a photo of yourself. Photo: baliving

It’s a walk, not a walk in the park
Batur Mountaineering is climbing, a real mountain hike. The first half is rather deceiving when you climb a paved hill on the edge of the road. About an hour after the hike begins, the steep and loose terrain is destroyed as you actually climb and surround the volcanic rock. We do not recommend choosing this as a beginner experience. Hiking shoes with ankle support are the best choice of shoes regardless of your level. Although many people climb rocks with Converse shoes. I am not sure how long after the summit was reached.

Cloudy with the possibility of not seeing
Mother Nature has its own spirit. We hope that the authorities can control the weather and always offer a beautiful view, but we are not overly enthusiastic about our brother’s ideas. After two hours of climbing, tourists can expect automatic prizes. However, wind patterns and wind forecasts do not always work according to their wishes. Usually clouds come and go. Do not be angry if the above views do not wait for you, be patient!

Batur is cloudy
FINALLY the clouds move for display. Photo: baliving

Useful tips
Get to the base of the mountain. Batur is a hard and windy road, so arranging transportation is the best way to get there. Departing around 2 am and driving half asleep on the steering wheel might not be the best idea. Most tour packages you buy include transportation to and from the volcano, with a break for breakfast and coffee / tea before climbing.

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With everyone who stepped on a mountain. At the same time, guidance does not have to be a requirement (legally, however, this can be a different story). You can follow the crowd. However, some leaders know how to cut the masses of people. If you are not confident

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