What is the Australia work permit visa?

If you want to make Australia your home or gain work experience in another country, a work visa is the best way to experience Australia.

There are several work visas that might meet your requirements. This guide will tell you which visa is right for you, which regulations apply to work in Australia and how to get the right place to live.

What are the visa options?

With a work permit for Australia you can of course work in Australia. There are four types of Australian work visas that you can apply for. Two of them are temporary and only allow you to stay in Australia for a limited period of time, while the other two are for permanent residence and many citizenship benefits.


Temporary work visa (subclass 457) Currently expires and will be replaced by a TSS visa in March 2018. This visa is intended to temporarily bring eligible workers to Australia to do the work required.

Work holidays (subclasses 462 and 417). Designed to help young people work in Australia during long holidays. A limited number of these types of visas are issued annually. The limit and type of work holiday visa that you can apply depends on your country of origin.


Employer-sponsored work visas (subclasses 186 and 187) An Australian employer can sponsor non-residents for permanent residence. An employer can sponsor an employee who is already in Australia with a 457, TSS or Working Holiday visa, or sponsor someone who is still overseas.

Entrepreneur Qualification Visa (Subclass 189) Visa for overseas residents who wish to apply for permanent residence without being sponsored by an Australian employer. Candidates register expressions of interest and are chosen based on their work and position on the test points compared to other candidates.

How can I apply for a work visa?

You can apply for a work visa to Australia through the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website or you can hire a migration agent to notify you of the process and send your application to you.

If you want to work as an eligible migrant in Australia, you can also use SkillSelect to send expressions of interest. Expressing your interests is not the same as applying for a visa and it’s free, but it allows employers and the Australian government to find their skills through a database. The employer can then invite you to apply for a visa. You can also use a migration agent to send expressions of interest.

If further information or documents are requested after your application, you must send them on time. Remember to notify Immigration Services if your situation changes, e.g. B. if your address, marital status or employment situation changes.

Can I get a permanent residence on a work visa to Australia?

Some visas allow for permanent residence in Australia, such as the Prospective Employer Plan (subclass 186), Quality Independent Visa (subclass 189) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Plan (subclass 187). Residents still have the same rights as citizens, except they cannot vote. If you want to travel outside of Australia’s computer technology articles, you must have a permanent visa with a valid travel agent.

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